Card game Horses

Card game Horses
This is a unique gaming card that presents the world of horses, alike with the image and the word opportunity. The textual explanations surrounding the photos that speak for themselves further emphasize the details of the animal's particular attention and the characteristic features of each breed.

This card deck consists of 32 cards, 8 groups are separated, based on their origin and usage.
Each group has 4 animals, they form a quartet. The game can be played by 2 or 4 players. Mix the cards and divide them one by one until all of them run out. The player to the left of the dealer starts: he asks for a card from the player he needs to create a quartet, for example. "Do you have the 1A Appaloosa card?" If you do not have such a card, you can ask for another card. If you still own the card labeled 1A Appaloosa, you can make the relevant main question (this is on each card in the color bar). If the player answers the question correctly, he will need to pass the card. Otherwise, the card remains the property of the interviewee. In order not to become boring, of course, we can extend the questions as you like. Numerous information on the cards provides unlimited possibilities. If there are four cards with the same name, let's spread them out immediately. The winner is the one who has most quartets at the end.
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